Club Pedestal – A Femdom Playground

“A Playground for the Dominant Woman, and those who worship her”

Club Pedestal is probably one of very few Femdom Clubs in the world, it provides an environment congenial for ‘superior and dominant’ women and the men who live to worship, adore and serve them. It’s always well attended by a plethora of gorgeous doms and their devotees. And, ‘femdom curious’ women/men/couples new to the UK scene. To set the tone of the evening, as each female guest arrives a slave on bended knee presents them with a rose. The club also provides ‘House slaves’ easily identified by their stripy aprons and red collars, who are there to serve and pamper the club’s female patrons. They circulate with fruit platters and delicious canapés, fetch your drinks, provide foot massages, even shine-up your boots. Inside, the club encompasses various different zones including a throne room, playroom, dungeon and dance/performance area. There are also designated ‘crawl only’ areas where males are not permitted to stand.

With a name like Pedestal – there’s an obvious emphasis of foot worship and there are thrones and chaise lounges for doms to sit upon, be adorned and have their gorgeous feet pampered and worshiped. Not forgetting male footstalls and a human dance mat inside the infamous Pedestal ‘trample cage’. However, there is also a dungeon filled with wicked equipment and slave’s are tied, flogged and generally used & abused in many other ‘interesting’ ways, throughout the evening. If it’s your first time attending – female or male, the club has a very friendly atmosphere and nearly all the doms are very approachable.

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